You might have heard this before – after turning off the water you hear banging somewhere in the house. It might be a little confusing to figure out what is causing it, but if you turn the water on and off again a few times, you will know for sure what the problem is. In your plumbing system there is something called an air chamber. These are there to allow the pressure in your pipes to have a place to go.

The banging that you hear is called a water hammer, and you can imagine the damage it can do to your pipes over time. If you have an air chamber, but you hear the sound of a water hammer, you most likely have an air chamber that has filled up with water, rendering it useless.

This problem should be easily fixed however. If you turn off the main water supply and open up all the faucets in your home, the air chamber should drain and once you turn on the water supply again, it shouldn’t fill back up.

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