You might have heard about radon being a dangerous gas, but do you really know what it is and what the danger to you and your family is?

Radon is actually the second highest reason for lung cancer. It is a naturally occuring gas, and it could be leaking into your home from the ground below it. Sealing up cracks and holes in your basement floor could help the situation somewhat, but it is not always a sure fix. Sometimes the only way to remedy the problem is to install a system of pipes and a fan underneath your foundation that will funnel the gas outside safely.

There is no way for you to tell that you have Radon gas in your home without testing the air. Radon is color and odorless, so it is important to have your air tested, especially when you’re moving into a new home. It is also worth it to have a radon test when you’re about to sell your home, since radon mitigation might take away valuable time before you can close on the house.

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