Do you use pesticides on your property? Maybe you are fighting a rodent infestation? Or maybe you are trying to get the perfect lawn and want to get rid of weeds.

Pesticides come in many types, and while some homeowners choose not to use them, pesticides aren’t as dangerous for the environment and human health as they used to be. But, this doesn’t mean that you can handle them without care.

Using pesticides responsibly will ensure that you and your family won’t suffer any ill consequences from their application. Always keep your pesticides in clearly marked bottles. This will minimize the risk of them being used improperly. You should wear PPE when applying pesticides, and avoid doing so on a windy day where they could be carried by the wind into a neighbor’s yard. You should also ensure that they are kept out of the reach of children. Locking the pesticides up or keeping them on a high shelf should keep your children safe.

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