Are you shopping around for trees to plant in your yard? Trees can make your yard look beautiful, but here are a few trees you may want to avoid planting in your yard.

You may want to avoid planting a Siberian elm. Siberian elms can tolerate many different and difficult growing conditions, but it is a weak-wooded tree. This means it can be prone to storm and ice damage. It is also messy and seeds itself all over. Another tree to avoid is a Lombardy popular. A Lombardy tree is a quick-growing tree and can provide a great screen, but it has a very short life of about 15 years. The Tree of Heaven tree is another tree to avoid. This tree can also be dirty, invasive, and messy. It can also be difficult to landscape around due to a chemical the tree gives off to kill any competing vegetation. The last tree to avoid is a Callery pear. This tree has beautiful white flowers but it is considered an invasive species in many states. It also has a weak branching structure that can cause damage with wind, ice, or snow.

These are just a few trees you may want to avoid planting in your yard.

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