Having a pipe that is clogged can be a huge problem, and it could threaten your and your family’s health, especially if it leads to contaminated sewage water leaking, so you probably want to get it taken care of as quickly and safely as possible. But you might wonder what the best way to do this is.
Some choose to use drain chemicals, and while these have gotten safer to use over time, they still shouldn’t be your first choice. Why?
Well, even if they are labeled as sage for pipes or septic, this doesn’t mean that they won’t do any damage. They contain strong chemicals, and they can be harmful to the environment. The better option is to use a plunger or snake to clear out your pipes. This is safer, and also cheaper since they can be reused. Of course, what you choose to do is up to you, but if you do put chemicals in the toilet, you shouldn’t use a plunger afterward, since the chemicals could splash up in your face and damage your skin.

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