There are people who do not mind squirrels eating from their bird feeders. There are others who would rather not have the squirrels eating from their bird feeders so that they don’t scare away the birds. Here are a few tips to help to discourage squirrels from eating from your bird feeders.

The first tip would be to try a caged bird feeder or a squirrel-resistant bird feeder. A squirrel-resistant feeder does help, but some squirrels will still figure out how to get to the seed. A caged feeder will let the smaller birds in but will keep the larger birds out, so just keep that in mind.

Another tip would be to try to discourage the squirrel from climbing the pole if you use this to hang your feeder. You could try a squirrel baffle or a slinky to attach to the pole so that the squirrel is unable to climb the pole.

The last tip is that if you can’t beat them, join them. You may want to try to offer squirrels their own food so that they leave the bird feeder alone. You can use a dry corn cob feeder, which you could even make yourself.

These are just a few tips to help you to discourage the squirrels from your bird feeder so that you are better able to enjoy the birds.

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