Sicknesses from tick bites are on the rise. Do you have a tick problem in your backyard? Are you concerned for your pets and children? There are ways to reduce your tick population. You can treat with chemicals, but many people are wary of that method. There is a great natural way to reduce or even get rid of your tick problem. Chickens are a great solution.

Free-range chickens will greatly reduce ticks. Although guinea hens are the best tick eaters, they can be quite noisy. If you don’t mind the noise or you have neighbors that don’t mind the noise, you may enjoy having guinea hens. Make sure you do your research before getting chickens to see which breeds are the best foragers. There are chickens that don’t like to go around and scratch for bugs. Also, do research to find out which chickens are quieter.

So if you are hesitant to treat your tick problem with chemicals, consider getting chickens. They are great tick eaters, and they make great pets. When your yard is free from ticks, it will give you peace of mind for your pets and children.

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