Are there adjustable steel columns in your home? You might not even know what they are called, but they serve a crucial purpose in the support of your home. Adjustable steel columns usually have a hollow core, and as the name implies, they can be adjusted to perfectly fit the area where they are installed. To install an adjustable steel column, you need the help of a structural engineer that can ensure that they are installed in a location and manner that they won’t prove to be a weak spot in your home. The beams can’t have more than 1 inch of tilt when measured over the entire length of the beam. They also need to be mechanically connected at the top and the bottom. Sometimes they are installed temporarily for support during a remodel, but they might also be installed as a permanent fixture. If there were to be any rust on your columns, they need to be replaced as soon as possible, since they might not be able to carry the weight once they are compromised. This is why they are covered in rust resistant paint, but it is possible that a scratch in the paint allows rust to start forming.

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