Windows are such a key and beautiful feature of the home. Letting the light in is important. Are you considering a replacement of your windows? Here are several considerations to help guide you on your replacement window journey:

  1. Windows are an investment, but replacing old windows will likely reduce high energy bills in both cold and hot climates, reduce mold in wetter climates, and generally have a positive impact on the way your home functions.
  2. Consider your environment. First and foremost, always remember that all locations have different environmental needs. Things to consider are moisture levels, altitude, temperatures (desert vs. coastal vs. harsh winters). One window does not fit all.
  3. Keep your home’s style in mind. Don’t feel intimidated. Start by identifying your home’s architectural style and taking a bit of a deep dive on Pinterest or Google to see other houses in that same aesthetic.
  4. If you’ve spent any time maintaining your old windows, you understand how challenging and costly it can be. When choosing replacements, think about what will be needed to keep them looking and performing their best. Eliminate painting altogether by selecting aluminum, vinyl, or clad wood windows.

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