Do you know how much 20 gallons of water is? It is quite a lot of water, and according to some estimates, that is how much water the average home loses because of leaks. This can add up, and while water conservation might not be high up on everyone’s list, there are some fears that fresh water supply might not be as abundant in the future as it is now. So what can you do to minimize the water lost from leaks in your home? The obvious answer is to fix the leaks, but sometimes they might not be in obvious places.

It is important to realize that leaks hardly ever improve – they only get worse over time. This means that it is in your best interest to get them taken care of as soon as possible.

Start looking at the most common locations, such as your faucets and the connections around your sink. If there are any leaks, you might need to replace parts to stop them.

Besides your faucets, it is good to check any other appliances that use water since they could develop leaks over time.

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