Everyone has a different opinion of what simple living means. Some might feel like their home is a moderate size house despite having 3 floors, while others feel like a single story, with about 1000 square feet, is too big. What category do you fit into?

Small living has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. While some might feel like they would get claustrophobic trying to live in a tiny home, others think it is the greatest thing ever. There are a number of different versions of tiny homes. Some might decide to build theirs on top of a flat trailer, others use containers and some use campers. Whatever the method, there are still building codes to consider, as well as, safety precautions that should be taken.One of the major appeals of small living is that you will be able to live on less, as well as, have less to do to maintain your home, all translating to more time for friends and family.

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