A roof replacement is not a cheap thing. Many homeowners dread the day that they will need to spend the money to fix or replace their roof, which is why it makes a lot of sense to make sure the roof is properly cared for. There are many things to take into consideration to protect your roof, but the main thing that you should care for is making sure that water can’t get in to damage your roof and the underlying structure. This means ensuring that water can get off of the roof quickly when it is raining. Your gutters and downspouts are essential when it comes to funneling water off the roof, but they can fail you and even make the situation worse if they are clogged or restricted.

Leaves and branches that are left on your roof will also allow for water to pool up, even keeping it wet for days after a rainstorm hits, so clear it off regularly, otherwise, you will be dealing with water intrusion, rust, mold, or other issues in short order.

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