What do you like to spend money on? We all have different wants, needs and interests that all cost money in one way or another, and it seems that for most of us, there is never enough to go around.

How do you feel about wasting money? You probably would prefer to avoid that all together, but as a homeowner, you deal with many minor details that might not seem like a big cost in themselves, but when added up cost way more than you could imagine. Take, for example, your hot water lines. If they aren’t insulated, the water could lose as much as 20% of its heat before it reaches your tap. Considering the price of energy, this could translate into quite a bit of money. Ideally, you shouldn’t have pipes running inside of exterior walls, but unfortunately, this isn’t something that we can control unless we build our house ourselves. If there are pipes in the exterior walls, there should be insulation around the pipe, and there should be as much insulation as possible between the pipe and the wall. When pipes run through areas that aren’t climate controlled, it is also very important to insulate the pipes well.

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