If you have ever sold a home before, you probably realize that it can be a stressful experience, even under the best circumstances. What we have right now is about as far from good circumstances that we can get. If you are in the process of selling your home during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, you might wonder how this possibly could turn out well. It might even be tempting to accept a really low offer because you are worried that the market will take a turn for much worse, leaving you with a home that has lost a lot in value.

So, is that the right way to go? Definitely not! As you will find out, taking a rushed decision will usually cost you dearly. While you might think that you aren’t seeing any options besides not selling your home or taking any offer you can get, being patient will pay off. The federal interest rate is very low right now which has led to lower mortgage rates, that is something that can encourage home buyers to take the leap. You can also find a realtor that is using the internet for home tours to encourage home buyers to check your home out despite the epidemic.

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