Do you know what the ideal temperature setting for a water heater is? There are some who like theirs cranked up really high because they want to take hot showers, while others try to save money by having it really low. You should be careful about setting your water heater for a really high setting, since you could cause yourself or someone in your family to get scalded. On the other hand, setting it for the recommended low temperature of 120 degrees will save you a significant amount of money.

Adjusting the temperature on your water heater is usually fairly straightforward, but on electric water heaters, there will often be 2 thermostats to adjust, one upper and one lower thermostat. The upper one should be set slightly higher than the lower one for them to work correctly. It is always best to make any adjustments in small increments so that you don’t get yourself hurt by scalding hot water from your faucets.

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