Drinking a tall glass of cool, fresh water can be very refreshing, especially on a hot day. Of course, you hope that your water is fresh, but do you know for sure? You might not always be able to tell from the smell or taste if your water is of good quality or not. If you have a personal well, you might believe that your water is better than municipal water, but unless you have it sent in to be tested, you can’t know for sure. There might be a need for you to take some steps to clean out unwanted chemicals and other naturally occurring pollutants.

If you are connected to the municipal water lines, you could still send in your water to be tested. However, even without sending in a sample, you should automatically receive a report from your provider containing the levels of the most common pollutants, as well as, their possible effects on your health.

Since we all use water for drinking, showering, washing dishes and brushing our teeth, having clean water is very important.

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