Water. It is an amazing liquid, and essential for life, but as a homeowner, water also represents a risk for serious damage. One way in which you might have water damage is from condensation. While it might seem like a minor source of water, condensation can appear in the most inconvenient spots, causing problems such as mold, rot and discoloration.

Condensation will form when warm, moisture laden air hits a cold surface. It is the effect you see on your mirror after a cold shower. In your home, this will usually happen on windows and cold water pipes and sometimes even on porcelain fixtures. The problem is if you have pipes running inside your walls and condensation forms on them, it might be difficult to find out where it comes from.

The areas of your home that are the most likely to have condensation forming are those where there is no air conditioning. This means that if there are any exposed pipes in your attic, basement or garage, you should make sure that they are insulated well.

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