Many houseplants are considered toxic to pets if ingested. This does not mean, however, that you need to make your home completely plant-free. So if cannot keep your houseplants out of reach of your pets, here are a few houseplants that are considered to be safe for your pet.

Many people would not think to keep this as a houseplant, but rosemary makes a very nice houseplant. Not only can you use this herb to cook with, but it looks and smells nice too. The only downside with this houseplant is that your pet may like to chew on this a little too much. Another houseplant considered to be safe for your pet is a money tree plant. This plant does require bright light. Another non-toxic plant is a parlor palm. Parlor palms require indirect lighting. Another palm that is pet-safe is the ponytail palm. This plant requires bright light but is easy to maintain. The last plant that is considered pet-safe is a spider plant. Spider plants also require bright light.

These are just a few pet-safe plants that are considered non-toxic. Just keep in mind, even non-toxic plants can still cause problems with your pet. If you are not sure whether your houseplant is toxic or not, just check a reliable website.

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