Are you ready if the worst happens? You might not expect that a disaster will befall you, but it is something that surprises people every time it occurs. To be safe, it’s better to be too prepared than not prepared at all. A good habit to have is to prepare a go-bag that you have ready to take with you in case of an emergency. In it, you can keep non-perishable food as well as bottled water, protective clothing, and important documents and cash.

If you have the time when you hear of an impending disaster, you can also take a few steps to protect your home when the disaster hits. Turning off your water, gas, and electricity can prevent serious damage to your home since a combination of these utilities could lead to fire, an explosion, or water damage.

Removing anything loose and flammable from the area near your home is also a good precaution, and in some cases putting boards across your windows can save them from being crushed.

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