There are certain foods you should avoid putting into your garbage disposal. Here are a few foods that you should avoid.

Many people know that you should never put cooking fat or grease into your garbage disposal. Once the cooking fat or grease cools, it can stick to your garbage disposal, which can cause a clog in your garbage disposal. So once your cooking fat or grease cools, just throw it out in your trash. Another food to avoid that you may think is okay is coffee grounds. When coffee grounds get wet and when they are ground very small, they can turn into a paste. This paste can plug and damage your garbage disposal. Another food to be careful with is dry expandable foods. In small amounts, these dry expandable foods can be okay for your disposal. Once these dry expandable foods get wet though, they can expand and cause a blockage. The last food that you should try to avoid is vegetable peels. Onion, potato, or carrot peels can slip between the disposal grinders, which can fill up pipes and cause blockages. This can cause major problems with your garbage disposal.

These are just a few foods that you may want to avoid putting down your garbage disposal

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