Most of us love hearing the sound of rain on the roof if we are comfortably inside, but for some homeowners, it could be a concern. The problem is that some homes have gutters that aren’t helping with the roof drainage the way they should. If you have a lot of debris such as twigs and leaves stuck in the gutters, you can end up having water backing up on the roof and creeping underneath, causing damage. Your gutters and downspouts need to work in unison to funnel the water off of your roof, and if they fail it can end up becoming very costly. Sometimes the problem can be caused by a nest being built inside of a downspout or gutter, blocking water flow, so it is important to keep an eye for pests around your home.

If you know that heavy rains are expected, you could run a stress test of your roof drainage by using a hose. This will let you catch any issues before the rain starts.

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