Finding mold in your home is never fun. But what if you find something that you aren’t sure whether or not it is mold? What do you do then. While some might call an expert to test it, if you prefer a method where you can do most of the work yourself, there is a very simple way in which you can get a sample together to send in to a lab for testing, and all you need is some scotch tape and a sealable plastic bag. The process is simple. Find the area where you suspect mold is growing. Take a short strip of scotch tape and press it firmly against the surface. Make sure you’re not doing so on some old furniture where the paint could come off along with the mold spores.

After you have removed the tape again, just attach it to the inside of the plastic bag and seal it up. You now have a sample that you can send in to a lab for testing. Congratulations!

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