Since woodpeckers are protected by law, you are left with few options if they were to take an interest in your home. Woodpeckers have amazing hearing and eyesight. They use this to find bugs inside of trees and wood. If they spot this in your home, you might notice that a woodpecker starts digging holes in your walls. Sometimes they also use their pecking as a method of attracting females, so your home might not even have a bug problem, but you still have a woodpecker problem.

If they are attracted by bugs in your home, however, the solution should be to have the bugs removed by using pesticide or the services of a pest control company. That way, there won’t be anything to attract them for a meal. Another option is to install netting that will prevent them from reaching your home, especially over areas where they seem to be returning. Giving them an option for food that is easily accessible, such as suet, can also help.

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