In any homes that are 2 levels or more, you will find stairs. If you have young children or elderly parents living in the home, stairs can become a risk factor. A fall down a flight of stairs could even prove fatal in a worst case scenario. Here are a few things to look at when assessing the safety of your stairs.

Handrails – Are they smooth so that no splinters will come off and make someone jerk away? Are they firmly attached to the wall so that they can support the weight of a person?

Carpet – Is it attached firmly so that it won’t come loose and cause a trip?

Steps – Are they flat, level and evenly spaced?

Access – Do you have doors or gates to prevent children or a senior with poor eyesight from falling down?

Most of these problems can be addressed fairly easily. Don’t let someone falling down the stairs and getting hurt be what motivates you to take action!

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