When you see a home with a beautiful wooden floor, you might right away think of how expensive it would be to install that in your own home. While it is true that wooden floors are expensive to install, there is an option that will look just as good at a much lower cost. It is called engineered flooring and it is made by gluing a thin layer of hardwood on top of some high quality plywood. The material created will look indistinguishable from a regular wood floor, but it does have a few differences. One of these is the method of installation. When installing wooden flooring, you only have the option of using nails or staples to install it, but engineered flooring is a lot more flexible in the options you can use. On the other hand, repairing damage to engineered flooring is somewhat trickier than regular wood. Since the top layer of wood is very thin, a deep scratch could easily go down to the plywood, making it difficult to make it look natural when repairing it.

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