The lifestyles of many families today greatly limit the fresh air that their children get. Being indoors too much can lead to all types of health issues for young ones, which is why some parents have decided to have a playground installed. Playgrounds can be small or large, and while it is a great alternative to sitting inside playing games or watching TV, you should make sure that your playground is a safe place to play.

Equipment that is improperly installed, damaged or used the wrong way could pose a danger for your children. There are some recommendations in place for how equipment should be installed – the distance between swings and similar guidelines, but the best way for you to make sure that the playground is safe is to take a good look at any potential dangers. The surface it is installed on is important. You want something soft, such as sand or rubber instead of asphalt or cement. Any equipment with moving parts should not pose a pinching risk. It is also a good practice when you have younger children to avoid letting them play unsupervised.

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